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HSM Services On-Demand, Not On-Premises

With nShield as a service you can reduce the complexity and cost without sacrificing data security standards or control of your keys. nShield as a Service provides global access to cloud-based nShield HSMs for the same cryptographic services you’d expect from on-prem HSMs, without the physical footprint or maintenance costs: 

  • Keep cryptographic keys secure in dedicated tamper-resistant, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified HSMs 
  • Securely generate, use, and manage cryptographic keys for encryption, decryption, and digital signing 
  • Maintain strict security controls and customer-defined polices across your environments 
  • Execute code securely for cloud-based workloads

Cloud-Based HSMs Make Security and Compliance Easier

nShield as a Service puts the best practices in High Assurance data security in reach, with access to dedicated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS (EN 419 221-5) certified nShield Connect HSMs in the cloud, to help your organization comply with regulatory obligations and standards, including: Common Criteria GDPR HIPAA PCI-DSS

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A Predictable, Scalable Price

Entrust offers nShield as a Service on a subscription basis with different performance tiers and price points, ensuring scalable performance and costs. 

The subscription-based approach makes it easier to forecast and justify your expenses for finance and procurement departments that favor the predictability of OpEx over CapEx. You also don’t have to worry about surprise costs, including the costs of hiring the highly skilled staff needed to maintain on-prem HSMs. Furthermore, within each performance tier the service can support multiple use cases and any number of keys, without incurring more cost.

Ready to Integrate with Your Environments, Algorithms, or Use Cases

Since every organization’s cloud strategy is unique, nShield as a Service offers flexibility and complete control over your keys in any environment – single cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid. 

Your keys protected by nShield, both on-premises and via the service, are interoperable and free to be used securely across major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure. 

You don’t have to own your HSMs or cloud environments to own your keys.

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Prepare for Post-Quantum Cryptography with nShield as a Service

You can start using NIST’s quantum-resistant algorithms with nShield as a Service by adding the optional Entrust nShield Post-Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK).

Infographic: On-Prem HSMs vs. Cloud HSMs

Compare the strengths and differences of using nShield HSMs on-premises with cloud-based nShield HSMs and learn how you can use nShield Security World to integrate your on-prem and cloud-based nShield HSMs for a hybrid approach.

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