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What is Entrust CloudControl?

Entrust CloudControl can help you create the unified framework you need to tighten your security compliance across your VMware environment. 

With CloudControl, you can:

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Identify which privileged users have access to your workloads.

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Secure user actions with least privilege and role-based access control.

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Track and log all user actions performed on workloads.

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And much more…

Comprehensive Capabilities

CloudControl offers more than 20 capabilities, which can be customized to meet any organization’s desired risk posture and control activity requirements.

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CloudControl Trial for Enhanced Security and Compliance Management for VMware

Test out CloudControl for yourself with our free 30-day trial.

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CloudControl for vSphere and NSX

Virtualization and cloud technology have brought new capabilities in automation, time to market, and IT flexibility, but have also heightened the need for hypervisor security.

Entrust CloudControl plays a key role by capturing vital data for compliance, forensics, and troubleshooting, while identifying hypervisor configuration errors in VMware vSphere for ongoing compliance. 

VMware NSX consolidates management interfaces and, with Access Control for NSX, ensures secure access to admin consoles through strong authentication, keeping order among internal and external users.

CloudControl Foundation

Entrust CloudControl Foundation Edition provides a comprehensive solution for multi-cloud deployments to meet a broad range of government and industry compliance mandates.

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CloudControl for SWIFT

As the incidence and sophistication of cyberattacks on financial networks continues to increase, the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Transactions (SWIFT) has introduced the Customer Security Program (CSP) to respond to this threat. 

Entrust CloudControl provides a unified framework for security and compliance addressing the CSP requirements, protecting your virtual infrastructure and data.

CloudControl for Containers and Kubernetes

Container-based development provides big gains in productivity, agility, and efficiency, but comes with challenges for security and compliance. 

Entrust CloudControl helps secure your container environment across three key dimensions: 

  • Unified visibility and inventory 
  • Secure container validation and deployment 
  • Kubernetes orchestration 

Discover a full-stack security solution and get greater visibility and security on your growing cloud-based deployments using VMware Tanzu and RedHat OpenShift platforms.

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Unique CloudControl Benefits

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Gain full-stack, multi-dimensional policies and administration controls to protect against human errors and insider threats that cause downtime.

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Acquire “create one, apply anywhere” policies that support consistent controls and eliminate manual efforts.

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Eliminate multiple consoles and inconsistent security constructs and gain security policies that support “security as code” automation.

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