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F5 Networks, the global leader in Application Delivery Networking (ADN), helps the world’s largest enterprises and service providers realize the full value of virtualization, cloud computing, and on-demand IT.

F5's BIG-IP product suite optimizes networks to deliver availability, security, and performance for critical applications. F5’s SSL offload and hardware acceleration removes the burden from servers to help achieve greater server density resulting in reduced cost for software licensing. F5 accelerates the SSL connection and data with optimized SSL hardware to ensure application performance will not degrade the user experience.

The Entrust nShield Connect HSMs works with BIG-IP systems to provide FIPS-certified protection of SSL certificates and encryption/decryption keys. The nShield architecture includes a Remote File System (RFS) that stores and manages the encrypted key files, supporting BIG-IP platforms including the Local Traffic Manager (LTM), the Domain Name System (DNS) – formerly Global Traffic Manager (GTM), the VIPRION Series, and the BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE).

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