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How does your multi-cloud security strategy measure up? Are you in control or in the dark?


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NSA announces new Post-Quantum resistant algorithm Suite 2.0 and Transition Timetable October 2022 by Iain Beveridge

Recently the National Security Agency (NSA) provided an update on its security posture with regards to post-quantum computing. Hopefully you have not reached a saturation point reading about post-quantum cryptography because it’s a hot topic for science and the data…

Is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Good Enough? October 2022 by Rohan Ramesh

Cyber Security Awareness Month is here and as such we want to highlight the importance of protecting identities and access for personal, corporate and government entities, as well as the common types of attacks that are growing in number and…

CA/Browser Forum Updates Requirements for Code Signing Certificate Private Keys September 2022 by Bruce Morton

The CA/Browser Forum has approved Ballot CSC-13 and has updated the effective date with Ballot CSC-17. The goal is to increase the protection of code signing certificate private keys. The Code Signing Baseline Requirements (CSBRs) addresses the requirements for the…

Creating the ideal digital first cardholder experience September 2022 by Jenn Markey

Pre-pandemic, the US lagged behind the rest of the world in the adoption of contactless payments largely due to easily available substitutes. But as with so many things – COVID changed that – across all payment types and demographics. Today,…


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