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The printer: The gold standard in the industry

The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-Card Printer is the most comprehensive card-issuing platform available in the market. Print high-quality, full-color personalized images and magstripe encoding casino player cards in seconds.

Casino cards

The cards: Impressive from the very start

Today’s casino guests want to feel exclusive. And that all starts with high-quality membership cards and room keys – printed instantly so guests don’t have to wait to indulge in everything your casino has to offer. Our tactile impression adds an even more exclusive look.

Casino Card Issuance Benefits

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Fast Output

The fastest model on the market, Sigma prints monochrome cards in just 3 seconds, color in 14.4 seconds, and magstripe encoding in 5 seconds.

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Multi-hopper holds six different stacks of ready-to-print card types (player cards, room keys, employee badges, etc.) for monochrome or full-color printing.

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Impressive Card Designs

Sigma’s Tactile Impression Module lets you add a metallic stamp in five colors (copper, silver, black, gold, white) for an even more high-end look.

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Single Platform

From the floor or behind the member services desk, one platform supports central or remote issuance of all cards.

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Secure boot feature prevents malware or viruses from being loaded to the printer on startup.

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Set the mood, support your brand, and add a “cool factor” to your floor with a variable-color LED light ring. It also visually alerts you to printer issues.

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Reduced Downtime

Should a printer go down, our USB hot swap feature quickly transfers settings to a replacement device.

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Service and Support

Our made-in-the-U.S.A. casino card printers carry a 3-year warranty and are backed by a team of expert service and support specialists.


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