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How does your multi-cloud security strategy measure up? Are you in control or in the dark?


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EMV-Chip shortages putting a strain on your bottom line? Increasing the durability of the payment cards you offer might help September 2022 by Andy Cease

The cost of EMV-compliant chips is putting a burden on financial institutions across the globe. In 2021 alone, the cost of this technology increased by more than 50% and its expected costs will continue to rise into 2023. Why the…

Taking a holistic approach to tackling the Top Threats to Cloud Computing in a multi-cloud world September 2022 by Iain Beveridge

Can you remember the halcyon days of the video game arcades? This will probably date me, but I have fond memories entering the magical world of a gaming arcade while in first year at university. When the odd early morning…

Improve security and customer conversion with zero friction social logins September 2022 by Rohan Ramesh

With the fight for the attention of digital consumers, it is crucial to provide a seamless, secure way for them to interact with your application or service. One of the most important aspects of this interaction is when a new…

SSL Review: August 2022 September 2022 by Bruce Morton

The Entrust monthly SSL review covers SSL/TLS discussions — recaps news, trends and opinions from the industry. Entrust State of the market: in the public certification authorities’ world, TLS/SSL is no longer about certificates BIMI La Poste Announces Support for…


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