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Creating a secure digital world

"Nearly one billion people lack any legally recognized form of identification" - World Bank ID4D

"3.4 bn people have digital IDs but are unable to use it on digital channels" - McKinsey

Entrust Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions provide governments with the right set of tools to create unique, high assurance, digitally verifiable identification for their citizens.

Using mobile as foundation

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Different form factors

With extensive customizations and range of authentication options (biometrics, passwords and smart cards), Entrust Identity provides high assurance credentials for different types of citizen IDs.

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National ID and Licenses

Provide secure digital citizen identities, driver permits, and yes, even fishing licenses.

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Digital Travel Credentials

Enable high assurance digital credentials based on ICAO standards.

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IDs for Non-Government Services

Authenticate access to citizen services with digital identities, including biometrics.

Empowering your citizens to do more

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Securely Accessing Government Services

Ensure safe access to digital platforms for healthcare, education and government benefit programs.

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Facilitate Border Crossings

Improve the traveler experience with mobile identity credentials and self-service kiosks.

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Conducting Transactions

Bind digital identities to their rightful owners with secure, PKI-based certificates.

Extensive benefits

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Create Economic Value

Reduce spending and improve access with digital identity programs could unlock economic value equivalent to 3-13% GDP.

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One Trusted Identity

Bring together all citizen information under one credential that can be used for multiple cases from traveler identity to direct tax filing.

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Comply to Regional Standards

Adhere to regional regulations, standards, and legal frameworks for global acceptance and interoperability like ICAO and eIDAS.

Facilitate secure border crossing

Provide your citizens with highly scalable, easy to use, mobile credentials that are compliant with ICAO standards.

Digital Travel Credentials assist in automating border crossings by enabling travelers to navigate through border check points without any unnecessary friction.

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Digital Citizen Identities Resources

One portfolio for trusted citizens identities

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