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Proactive security to keep your systems, data, and business safe

The fastest growing crime in the world? Hacking into secure networks with compromised credentials. Every enterprise is vulnerable — and the consequences are costly. In more than 80% of network breaches, hackers simply log in as an authorized user and gain undetected access to high-value assets. Entrust Identity Essentials 2020 gives you the tools to greatly mitigate this risk.

Simplify life for your workforce

Passwords are not enough due to phishing, key logging and other types of attacks — and users are tired of changing, tracking and entering them. There’s just too much friction. The Entrust Identity Essentials solution adds vital security to the authentication process without compromising user-friendliness. Users simply log in via mobile app and instantly receive secure access to their apps.

IAM Platform

Entrust Identity Essentials Benefits


Simple User Provisioning

Identity Essentials allows for one-click integration to Microsoft Active Directory (AD), but also supports any LDAP store without schema changes or extensions.


Maximum Flexibility

As your business requirements evolve our advanced policy engine lets you easily tailor the solution to your security needs while maintaining convenience for the users.


Detailed Reporting

Monitor system usage, spot trends in login patterns, and see high-risk locations and potential attacks in real-time.

Keep workers secure and productive with adaptive authentication

Entrust Identity Essentials uses multiple factors to validate user identities and confirm access privileges. Our solution authenticates users by sending a push authentication option or real-time, session-specific one-time passcode (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone via SMS, app, voice call or e-mail. Once the identity is validated, users are granted access. It’s that simple.

Secure device provisioning with ActiveSync for Outlook

Protect unauthorized devices from accessing user’s email without requiring MDM integration.

Self-service password resets

Give users the ability to proactively reset their own passwords and accounts before they expire which is ideal for vacations and other extended workplace absences.

Differentiating Security Features

Our passcodes are cryptographically strong, randomly generated OTPs using FIPS-140 validated crypto modules - and all communication between compounds is AES 256bit encrypted.

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No pre-issued passcodes. Entrust Identity Essentials only generates passcodes once a challenge has been fulfilled.

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Real-time solution

Passcodes generated in real-time at login mans no pre-issued passcodes and no seed files to be hacked.

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Contextual-based OTPs

The OTP time validation period and delivery form adapts based on the context of the user.

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Contextual user notifications

Users receive information about the GEO-IP location of their login to help identify possible man-in-the-middle attacks.

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Protection against brute-force attacks

Our solution includes advanced brute-force and denial-of-service attack detection and protection.

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GEO Fencing

Increase security by blocking access from high risk locations or regions.

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IT and Microsoft friendly

Essentials is an out-of-the-box MFA solution that can be installed in five minutes. It works with your existing Microsoft environment, including Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS).

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