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Easy to use, easy to deploy

Start with an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy on-premises MFA solution, then, if and when it makes sense, migrate to the cloud with Identity as a Service. Seamless integration between the two ensures a frictionless experience while benefitting from three extra authentication options: device fingerprint, mobile push, and grid cards.

Entrust Identity Essentials Benefits

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One single solution

Secure and enable your company´s digital business with one solution, one license 

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User friendly

Limit user friction with adaptive authentication and self-service password resets

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Maximum Flexibility

Provision different authentication methods for different users and requirements

Best-in-class MFA for added assurance

Available authenticators include SMS, email, voice, and OTP. Option to leverage smart phone biometrics including fingerprint and facial match. 

Increase availability with secure device provisioning

ActiveSync for Outlook protects unauthorized devices from accessing users’ email without requiring MDM integration.

Get synchronized with seamless Microsoft integration

An out-of-the-box MFA solution that can be installed in less than five minutes, with no disruption to users, Essentials works with your existing Microsoft environment, including Active Directory (AD) and Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for user synchronization.

Differentiating Features

With Identity Essentials, clients get started with an easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy on-premises MFA solution and can migrate to the cloud with Identity as a Service over time, if and when it makes sense.


Best-in-class MFA

With a broad range of supported authenticators, match the asset being accessed, the device being used, and the user's technical ability to the authenticators selected.

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Secure device provisioning with ActiveSync for Outlook

Protect unauthorized devices from accessing user’s email without requiring MDM integration

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Adaptive policy-based authentication

Added contextual level of authentication applied based on specific policies including geolocation, geofencing and login behavior

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Mobile SDK

Implements, manages, and scales easily with mobile SDK and cloud migration options

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IT friendly

An out-of-the-box MFA solution that can be installed in less than five minutes with no disruption to users

Keep your options open: seamless integration to Identity as a Service

On-premises based Essentials might be the right solution right now, but you may also be looking towards a cloud future as your requirements grow and evolve. We offer easy-to-use tools to extend functionality with Identity as a Service integration along with the option for complete cloud migration, if and when you are ready.

Customer Success Stories

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Identity Access Management

Amey keeps operations running smoothly with Entrust

As one of the UK’s leading public and regulated services providers, Amey operates over 320 contracts, providing services such as utilities, highways, waste management, rail and facilities management.

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Identity Access Management

How a busy law firm keeps remote access safe and healthy

Capsticks is the leading national healthcare law firm and also has unrivalled expertise within the social care and social housing sectors. The firm has its head office in London and regional offices in Birmingham, Leeds and Winchester.

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