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Unmatched compliance and functionality

Entrust PKI experts manage a variety of services according to best practices and your specific business needs. We help you maintain compliance and provide you with the functionality and high assurance of your PKI solution without the associated costs, risks, and complexity.

Our industry leading solution includes highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup, and exceptional disaster recovery.

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Entrust Managed PKI

With the Entrust Managed PKI Service, our experts manage your Entrust PKI, helping you ensure best practices, policies, and procedures are applied to your certificates. Your PKI is hosted in a highly available, fully redundant infrastructure with intelligent monitoring, robust data backup, and exceptional disaster recovery.

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Managed Microsoft PKI

Maintain your current infrastructure and CA of choice without expensive in-house PKI expertise. Entrust PKI experts will operate your CA to best practices, helping reduce the risks to your business.

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Managed Root Certificate Authority (CA)

Entrust Managed Root CA provides a hosted, high-assurance service that is managed by our PKI experts, while you maintain full control of your private keys.

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Cryptography-as-as-Service (CaaS)

Our Cryptography-as-a-Service and HSM-as-a-Service solutions are an efficient, cost-effective way to protect your data and systems in the cloud while giving you complete control over your keys. Our high-assurance, high-performance hardware security modules, including nShield HSMs, provide secure key management – the backbone to successful and secure PKI, digital signing, and more.



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Secure Your Environment Your Way

Our experts can shape our best-in-class PKI to fit the unique needs of your enterprise environment – whether managed, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

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Let Our PKI Experts Be Your PKI Experts

Benefit from a proper PKI with high quality service management from our experts, including policies designed to best fit your business processes.

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Low Cost, High Compliance

Lower costs by removing the need for in-house PKI experts, and infrastructure, while still benefiting from the high compliance provided by our best practice operations.

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Reduced Risks, High Assurance

We provide best-practice operation of your cryptography services within certified data centers.

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Enterprise Scalability

Rapidly expand your PKI based on your needs while maintaining management ease.

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Increased Ecosystem Flexibility

Whether you choose Entrust PKI or Microsoft Certificate Authority, we offer ecosystem flexibility enhanced by our PKI expertise.


U.S. Dept of Treasury

Secure communication within the department’s dozen bureaus is essential, especially today. We needed a security infrastructure that would allow us to safely share critical information among our staff without compromising performance.

We now have the full complement of security solutions to protect vital documents and information across bureaus while providing authentication, digital signature and enhanced encryption capabilities for any application.

Mayi Canales, CIO, Former U.S. Dept. of Treasury