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Your cryptographic keys in our cloud

With Entrust Cryptography-as-a-Service (CaaS), you maintain complete control over the creation, management, and use of your cryptographic keys without the need for your own on-prem experts or hardware security modules (HSMs). Our cryptographic experts maintain and operate the service from secure, ISO 27001 certified facilities, allowing you to use certified, high-performance HSMs.


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Get high availability hosted HSM services at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and managing your own HSM and on-prem crypto experts.

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Our cryptography experts manage the service to best practices 24/7.

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You maintain complete control over the creation, storage, and management of your cryptographic keys.

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Certified Security

Keys are always stored and managed in FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified and EAL4+ validated hardware.

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Flexible Functionality

Our CaaS supports all major algorithms and cryptographic APIs, and is suitable for any key type, including digital signing and encryption.


Policy Enforcement

Only you can access your key material, even when key material needs to be revoked or updated for key rollover.

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Applied Best Practices

Audited policies and procedures ensure your HSM services are secure and reliable.

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Our experts will contact you to discuss how our solutions can meet your needs.