Secure your email at any scale

Entrust S/MIME Certificates allow you to digitally sign and encrypt your email and attachments, protecting individuals and organizations from email-based attacks and data breaches, and maintaining compliance with confidentiality and security regulations. S/MIME escrow capabilities mitigate against the loss or theft of private keys and reduce the risk of businesses paying high penalties/fines for non-compliance.

Entrust offers automation capabilities that enable enterprises with large numbers of employees to automate the deployment and life cycle management of S/MIME certificates.

Benefits of S/MIME Certificates

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Scalable Security and Compliance

Provide scalable, enterprise-wide email security and comply with confidentiality regulations related to healthcare, financial, and more.

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Any Platform, Any Scale

Can be deployed to employee desktops and devices on any operating system within minutes, regardless of number of users.

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Automated Efficiency

Entrust offers automated S/MIME certificate deployment, set-and-forget renewals, and automatic backup/restore with full-key-history and escrow.

Entrust S/MIME Certificates offer:

  • Strongest level of security for electronic communications
  • Identity assurance for organizations or individuals
  • Digital signing that proves where the message originated and that it has not been tampered with in delivery
  • Encryption that ensures that the message is transmitted securely to the intended recipient

Secure Email S/MIME Certificates Features

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Fully Automated

Centralized and decentralized one-time deployment gives network teams the ability to deploy on behalf of end users and lets end users deploy themselves.

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Automatic Key History Backup, Restore and Escrow

Ensure data decryption with a single request managed by your organization’s administrator. Whether it’s a forgotten password, destroyed private key, or a normal renewal process, you can always freely restore your full key history.

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Organization Validation

Our enterprise certificates confirm the name of the organization, the individual, and email address, to distinguish your emails from SPAM or phishing attacks.

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Certificate Revocation

Revoke employee digital IDs immediately upon departure to ensure they can no longer digitally sign as an employee.

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Directory Service Integration

Integrate and synchronize with Active Directory, LDAP, G-Suite Directory, and other popular directory services.

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Secure Deployment to Your Devices

Entrust provides you and your employees with the flexibility you need to support desktops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Choose your S/MIME certificate solution

Before you submit your S/MIME request, please ensure you have:

  • The necessary domain registered to your organization
  • A business phone number that can be found through a third-party directory
  • Billing, technical, authorization, and corporate authority contact details
  • Business headquarters and incorporation information


Key Backup Restore
Validity Period
Individualized Validation Process

Personal S/MIME

Manual (through export to P12 credentials)

30 Days
1 year
Class 1 Ownership of email address
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Enterprise S/MIME

Automatic backup and restore with full key history

1-3 years
Class 2 Ownership of email address and identity assurance of organization and individual
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