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The time to migrate to post-quantum cryptography is now.

Quantum computers are quickly approaching the computing power and stability they’ll need to break the public key encryption protocols, such as RSA and Elliptic Curve Cryptography, that protect sensitive data, applications, and transactions we use every day.

It’s likely that adversaries are already harvesting encrypted data and storing it until quantum computers have enough qubits to crack the encryption algorithms. Don’t underestimate the effort needed to migrate to post-quantum cryptography – the effort will take years.

PKIaaS for Post Quantum

What's at Risk?

Impact of Quantum Computing on Common Cryptographic Algorithms (Source: NISTIR 8105)

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Plan with Entrust experts

Entrust has a leading role in creating the post-quantum cryptography standards that are the future of data protection. We’re participating members of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and participants in the NIST competition to identify new quantum-resistant cryptography standards for the post-quantum world.

Trust our expertise to help you achieve crypto-agility and prepare for the quantum age.

Entrust’s Cryptographic Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) provides the tools and guidance needed to inventory and prioritize your data and cryptographic assets, and put a post-quantum plan into motion. The CryptoCoE’s services include:

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Crypto Health Check

Get an Entrust expert by your side to recommend best practices and unique discovery tools to help you inventory and assess your crypto assets for PQ-preparedness.

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PKI Health Check

Our PKI Health Check gives you guidance and tools to assess and address the health and risks of your PKI system so you can know if it’s prepared for post-quantum cryptography.

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Post-Quantum Risk Assessment

Identify the algorithm and data protection risks in your business systems, map out your migration plan and timeframes, and review your governance against best practices for control, compliance, and skills in readiness for post-quantum migration testing and implementation.

Learn more about the Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence and its services.

How to Prepare Now

Take Inventory
Knowing what cryptographic assets and algorithms you have, and where they reside, is a best practice anyway and essential for preparing for post-quantum cryptography.

  • Data: Know where your data and applications are – on-prem, off-prem, across clouds, and virtualized environments.
  • Algorithms: What algorithms are in use and where. RSA and ECC are at the biggest risk. And nothing should be hard-coded.
  • Key Sizes: Symmetric key encryption, such as AES, is safer than asymmetric key cryptography. But only if your key sizes are large enough.

The Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence (CryptoCoE) can help you prepare with a Post-Quantum Risk Assessment.

Determine the value of your data, its shelf life, and how long it will take to migrate to post-quantum cryptography. When you know what’s at risk, you’ll know where to start.

You can start prototyping with NIST’s finalist quantum-resistant algorithm candidates in the digital signature category with nShield hardware security modules or nShield as a Service and CodeSafe, our secure software development kit.

Entrust has a leading role in creating the post-quantum cryptography standards. Trust our Cryptographic Center of Excellence to help you inventory and assess your cryptographic assets, and plan your migration to post-quantum cryptography with the same company helping to define it.

Our Solutions for Post-Quantum Cryptography

Entrust Cryptographic Center of Excellence

Get expert assessments, tools, and actionable recommendations for migrating your cryptography systems for a post-quantum world from Entrust experts.

nShield Post-Quantum Cryptography Option Pack via CodeSafe

Begin implementing new quantum-resistant algorithms and cryptographic approaches, key exchanges, and encryptions and decryptions with this option pack for nShield HSMs and CodeSafe.

PKI as a Service for Post-Quantum

Our cloud-based PKI as a Service offering can provide composite and pure quantum-safe certificate authority hierarchies, so you can test or implement post-quantum-safe scenarios and infrastructure.

Quantum Crypto Apps (PS)

Build your post-quantum-based applications and modify your existing cryptography applications for a post-quantum world with help from our cryptography experts.

Entrust nShield Post-Quantum Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Entrust nShield Post-Quantum SDK enables post-quantum cryptographic applications for nShield HSMs with the CodeSafe SDK.

The migration to quantum-safe algorithms can take several years, so the time to prepare for post-quantum is now.

Anudeep Parhar, Chief Information Officer at Entrust

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