In an era dominated by the digital landscape, the importance of digital identities cannot be overstated. From facilitating secure border crossings to streamlining online transactions, these identities are central to our daily lives. Choosing the right partner on this transformative journey is crucial, ensuring not only technology innovation but also the expertise needed to safeguard digital identities effectively.

Entrust stands at the forefront of this technological evolution, firmly established as a powerful force in the identity platform arena as showcased in the Acuity Market Intelligence Biometric Digital Identity Prism report and the recently released Goode Intelligence Competitor Observatory for Verified & Reusable Citizen & Consumer Digital Identity report for 2023. The Acuity Prism report placed Entrust at the Luminary position, which is defined as “the guiding lights of their industry segment. They show the highest level of proficiency in their beam and are often responsible for setting trends in their field.” In the Goode Intelligence report Entrust was ranked as a Leading Light in a crowded space of 16 vendors, with Leading Light defined as “a technology vendor that excels in all areas covered with a strong market share and revenue and a product that scores highly against a majority of the capabilities.”

Goode Intelligence Competitor Observatory

Our historical leadership and consistency in the identity ecosystem dates back to 1969. Over the decades, we have consistently delivered high-quality, innovative solutions with reliable partners for enterprises and governments globally.

What sets us apart is our consistent solution delivery and dedication to supporting industry standards, including:

  • Active involvement in industry forums and councils such as World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) working groups on travel documents and ISO standards committees to support the transformation of seamless travel in line with industry standards
  • Showcasing global dominance in digital travel credentials
  • Simplifying digital payment experiences for customers by implementing the Entrust Digital Card Solution
  • Enabling a more streamlined and seamless way for travelers to the UK to be identified securely via their facial biometrics, bringing more secure border control and speeding up identity and border checks

We aim to deliver solutions to support a strong digital and physical identity ecosystem, at the same time placing a heavy emphasis on robust security measures, ensuring that data remains protected at all times. As we navigate the future of digital identity interactions, Entrust is leading the charge toward a safer, more secure digital world.

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