We recognize the unique skills, experience, and dedication that veterans bring to the table. As such, we actively seek veterans to join our team and contribute to our mission to secure our ever-changing world. In this blog post, we share the story of one of our Veterans Alliance members, Mark Joynes, CD, and highlight the parallel between his military experience and the rewarding career opportunities he has built at Entrust over the last 25 years.

The Road to PKI

Mark embarked on his career in the Canadian military in 1976. He started as a ground and air-to-ground photographer and spent eight years serving in Canada and West Germany during the Cold War era. However, his true transformation began when he was commissioned from the ranks and trained in the Security Branch. In his last four years, he served in the Computer Security Shop of Defense Headquarters, diving into the very early days of computer security (and before any thought of Zero Trust technologies).

Mark’s exposure to computer security continued in 1985 when he attended a secure systems design course at NCSC in Baltimore. He was later assigned as a Lieutenant to the Computer Security Shop, highlighting the military’s recognition of his abilities and potential in cybersecurity. Soon after leaving the military, Mark was with Canada’s Communications Security Establishment (CSE) as the Canadian government deployed the Canadian PKI root. This experience laid the foundation for his now 30-year expertise with PKI (public key infrastructure), a pivotal technology that has shaped data security.

PKI and Mark’s Contributions

Mark’s journey in the military led him to become a PKI Product Marketing Director at Entrust, where he plays a crucial role in driving the commercialization of our comprehensive ePassport PKI architecture. Leveraging his extensive experience, Mark was instrumental in deploying CSCAs (Country Signing Certification Authorities) and signers in the UK, US, and Singapore. His ambitious vision also led to the development of the EAC (Extended Access Control) based PKI investment for 2nd generation ePassports, setting new standards in the European market.

As a result of Mark’s contributions, Entrust now provides the trust architecture for over 40 countries worldwide. In fact, approximately 50% of the ePassports in circulation feature the signed booklets from Entrust PKI, a testament to the trust and confidence placed in our technology.

Why Veterans Make a Great Fit for Our Company

We understand that the military instills exceptional qualities in individuals, including agility, empowerment, and a sense of urgency. These traits, combined with a “can-do” attitude and a passion for security, align perfectly with the opportunities available at Entrust.

In addition to appreciating the valuable skills veterans bring, we also recognize the importance of fostering capability and supporting individuals in realizing their ambitions. Our company culture emphasizes leadership development and personal growth, ensuring that each team member can contribute to our collective goals while fulfilling their own aspirations.

To learn more about career opportunities at Entrust, visit: www.entrust.com/careers.