Entrust keeps the world moving safely by enabling secure identities, payments, and data. In the heart of Pride month, I can’t help but home in on that first piece – enabling strong identities.

Protecting and enabling identities makes every life possible. When you cross a border, make a purchase with your credit card, or access trusted accounts in your personal or work life, you’re likely using or being protected by Entrust solutions that enable trusted, authentic identities.

If you were to tell my younger self that I’d be out and proud working for a technology company that builds the world’s most critical identity solutions and emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusion within my workplace: I would’ve told you to keep dreaming.

You see, it’s hard to describe the profound impact such a simple word like “identity” has on the LGBTQ+ community. Many of us spend years feeling forced to translate our authentic identities into something “acceptable” for the workplace. There is comfort in knowing my workplace values my authentic identity.

This month, and every month, our LGBTQ+ Alliance at Entrust proudly emphasizes the importance of providing a space for our community members and allies to openly express their identity in the workplace, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

Since forming the Entrust LGBTQ+ Alliance in June of 2020, we’ve been raising awareness and visibility for our LGBTQ+ colleagues aligned with our commitment to be inclusive of all forms of diversity by:

  • Offering a monthly meeting for our Alliance members to share stories, discuss important topics within our community, and come together to celebrate our identities.
  • Hosting internal events with authors and subject matter experts on books and topics that exemplify what it means to lead with inclusion for the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations like Out in Tech and Outright International to show our support and raise our voices globally.
  • Partnering with our talent acquisition team to attend events that focus on recruiting LGBTQ+ people to join our organization.
  • Creating trainings like “Becoming a Better Ally” and “Demystifying Gender Identity” more than 68% of our global colleagues taking such courses to date.
  • Working with our global benefits team to ensure colleague offerings include LGBTQ+ inclusive terminology.

Protecting identities will always be a core principle of what we do at Entrust, and I’m proud to be part of an organization that exemplifies how your authentic identity can be safe and secure through impactful engagement efforts. Happy Pride Month!

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