Not long ago, Entrust created a racecar commercial showcasing how we help our customers manage identities, payments, and data so they can remain focused on their road ahead.

As I rewatched this commercial, I was struck by the footage of the talented engineers and mechanics working as one team to ensure the car was always running in top form.

As an F1 racing fan and a former rally navigator, I see a lot of parallels between the talented pit crew and how every one of us at Entrust has a role when it comes to contributing to our customers’ experiences and success – from our manufacturing colleagues, to engineering, to sales, to customer support, and more.

We want you, our valued customers, to have a great experience with us and to know you are in good hands. Your experience as an Entrust customer should be as frictionless as possible and help you feel confident so you can focus on your “road ahead” – accomplishing your goals, meeting your customer needs, and ultimately growing your business.

That’s why we’re bringing together our customer-facing teams into a single organization called Customer Experience and Success. This change will ensure that you have a cohesive, simple, and unified engagement with Entrust during your customer journey, allowing you to focus on achieving your business priorities.

We are committed to providing you a great experience from starting line to finish line – and everywhere in between.

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