Modern businesses need to adopt a culture of agile collaboration to deliver results and exceed market expectations. DevOps enables organizations to innovate at speed, collaborate efficiently, and deliver results faster.

While helping organizations build better, DevOps often sidesteps implementing security in its need for speed. Traditionally, security has been the complex component that would hit the brakes in the DevOps race. But today, security solutions can match the speed and flexibility needs of DevOps and protect businesses at the same time.

Entrust automation solutions enable DevOps to implement security from day one with scalable solutions that are easy to integrate, iterate, and automate. Entrust Certificate Authority Gateway (CAGW) provides a RESTful interface to access multiple CAs like Entrust – public and private, Microsoft CA, and AWS for automating certificate provisioning, issuance, deployment, and lifecycle management.

Certificate and key issuance are the first steps in security. But to secure an application end-to-end you need complete visibility and control over the various keys, certificates, and identities in use. Entrust automation solutions like Certificate Hub and CA Gateway provide the speed and scalability with an automation layer enabling DevOps to leverage best security practices without slowing them down.

TLS/SSL certificates and cryptographic keys establish trust in identities and communications. But TLS/SSL encryption/decryption at high volumes can negatively impact a web server’s performance. TLS/SSL offloading is a process by which this encryption/decryption process is moved from a web server to a separate device earmarked for processing TLS/SSL.

F5 BIG-IP is a popular hardware or software-based local traffic manager that “offers a high-performance network load balancer with blazing-fast TLS/SSL offloading and TLS/SSL inspection to secure data from end-to-end between clients and servers. To leverage F5’s network capabilities, organizations need to provision and manage certificates and cryptographic keys for the numerous clients and servers connected to the load balancer.

Entrust CA Gateway Ansible Module enables users to fully automate security implementation in the F5 ecosystem. This module helps to automatically implement the TLS/SSL offloading policies, from certificate issuance to certificate deployment at the desired endpoints. Together with other Entrust services like Certificate Hub, it provides users complete visibility, real-time monitoring, and control of the certificates and keys in their network, enabling them to mitigate business disruptions.

Watch this video to learn how you can configure and implement the Entrust CA Gateway Ansible module and integrate security successfully in your existing workflows and processes.