Today we announced that we have named Harini Gokul as our first Chief Customer Officer at Entrust.  We wanted to share a bit of why we’re doing this.

Of course, Entrust has always been committed to ensuring customer success. We have been in the business of protecting identity, payments, data, and digital infrastructure for decades. At its core, our business is trust − from helping customers issue credit cards and smart ID cards, encrypting transactions, to ensuring secure network access for employees, consumers and citizens and so much more.

Now, with digital transformation well under way, organizations are looking to leverage their cloud investments to provide digital-first customer experiences; enable hybrid work, and accelerate operations to drive growth and change. All of this is happening in an environment with increasingly sophisticated threats and a challenging economy.

In this changing environment, we want to structure our teams in a way that best supports the needs of our customers, helping each realize the full potential of the Entrust solution.

What does this mean for you?

The addition of the CCO role signals our commitment to listen and learn from our customers, effectively identifying and understanding the needs, opportunities, and challenges our customers face, and ensure this input is proactively incorporated in how we design, deploy, and support our solutions and products.

Additionally, it will enable us to unite our teams with a single customer-obsessed vision, driving efforts to evaluate and enhance the customer experience at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey.

Finally, it will allow us to invest in capabilities, skills, and talent to bring the best of the Entrust portfolio to our customers – in a data-driven, scalable, systemic approach that positions our teams to proactively serve the needs of our growing customer base and accelerate their time to value.

We are excited to be on this journey with you. Please reach out if you have input or feedback, or want to connect at [email protected]. We look forward to continuing this conversation!