Have you received a new payment card either in the mail or from a branch recently? You may have noticed that many financial institutions are transitioning away from using embossing machines for personalization, and toward flat card technology. Is now the right time for your institution to make the move to flat cards? As we enter a new era for consumer payments, reimagining your card design can maximize efficiency and brand impact to give you a competitive edge.

Review your fleet for maximum efficiency

To fully understand your efficiency, it’s important to evaluate the total cost of ownership, or TCO. TCO is an estimation of all the cumulative expenses associated with purchasing and operating a product. The TCO will provide a way to measure how efficient your current operations are and where you can lift the efficacy of your current technology to outperform what was done previously.


With inflation still high and supply-chain, logistical, and EMV chip shortage challenges persisting, now is an ideal time to make the move to flat cards for your efficiency and brand. Does your current setup prepare you for your continued success in the time of flat card innovation? Are you considering eco-friendliness and durability before you make your next big purchase? Are you taking full advantage of your cards from a branding and personalization perspective? If you are curious about answers to these questions, you are at the right place. Let’s start reviewing what to consider for your financial institution.

  • Review your total cost of ownership and identify where you can improve your efficiency. Is your system supported by best-in-class standards for hardware, software, and service? How efficient and durable are your system and its supplies? Find your best possible option in the market to elevate your operations.
  • Take control of your future by starting out with the right solution. Does your solution support modularity to enable future development and innovation into your current fleet? Making the right first choice helps you establish a better fleet, and you don’t have to start all over when there is a new technology in the market.
  • Consider eco-friendliness for your overall operations. Is your current system enhancing durability of your card compared to the industry standard? By reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact from your operation, you will lead the eco-conversation that brings positive brand impact to your business.

Lift your brand impact with flat card printing

Flat card printing enables card layout flexibility by supporting frontside, backside, horizontal, and vertical orientations and provides more real estate for branding and creativity. Now you don’t need to worry about how your card design will look after applying the protective topcoats. Unique and eye-catching payment cards have a stronger chance of being elevated to the top of the consumer’s wallet.

Financial cards

With the Entrust Sigma DS4 direct-to-card instant issuance solution, financial institutions have an industry-leading security and monitoring solution. By adding the Light Curing Module onto your existing Sigma solution, you can provide up to two times the card life and four dynamic monochrome colors (including metallic gold and silver for a seamless switch from emboss to flat and industry-first white text printing) that enables both maximum efficiency and elevated brand impact. With the enhanced efficiency, brilliance, and durability of Sigma DS4 Instant Financial Issuance System, you will see the number of replacement and reissue cards reduce, and you will see how much customers love their new cards. For a more detailed discussion tailored specifically to your business needs, click here, or reach out to an Entrust representative to have a conversation.