Today, January 28, is Data Privacy Day, an international holiday recognizing the importance of data privacy. It is intended to further educate consumers and businesses about how to best secure data, build trust, and make decisions that foster privacy and security.

While Entrust is an ‘official’ Data Privacy Day champion, the company’s enthusiasm for securing data and fostering privacy is unrelenting. Below, Entrust executives share their insights on why Data Privacy Day matters – and the steps that must be taken to rebuild trust.

Cindy Provin, senior vice president Entrust Datacard and general manager of Entrust Security:

“The California Privacy Act gives new teeth to Data Privacy Day. We as an industry need to do more than just live up to the mere letter of the law. Based on our research, 79% of Americans care how a company uses their private information. That means consumers want reassurances that their private data is not at risk. It is the industry’s responsibility to build that trust by putting a comprehensive security strategy in place that leverages encryption and key management best practices. Then it’s up to industry to educate consumers about how and why a company should earn their trust.”

Peter Galvin, chief strategy officer:

“We’re hooked on data. While 61% of Americans are not okay with companies sharing their private data, we also know that Americans love the benefits of data sharing such as on-target product recommendations. The key is ensuring the right balance between fulfillment and security. As we observe Data Privacy Day, we as an industry need to strengthen trust with consumers that their data security is ironclad.”

Peter Carlisle, VP of global sales:

Organisations are failing to measure up and trust is significantly lacking when it comes to how companies and entire industries protect our personal data. On Data Protection Day it’s important we address this mistrust and the way in which organisations prepare to face a potential data breach. Based on our research, the technology industry is currently trusted by only 28% of people in the UK when it comes to protecting our personal information. Building confidence means not only prioritising security, but taking the necessary and visible steps towards it – from implementing encryption and deploying hardware security modules (HSMs) to protect the encryption keys to installing software updates and regularly updating passwords. Our research also revealed that 8 out of 10 people in the UK have never been asked by their employer to hand over login or password credentials before changing or leaving a position at a company. In 2020 password and overall workplace security must be placed at the top of the priority list in order to avoid fatal data beaches.

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