We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.
– Douglas Adams

As you’re reading this, you likely have a couple forms of identification on you: a work badge buckled to your clothing, a student ID in your purse, or a membership card on your keychain.

Think back to the first time you used this ID — what do you remember? You probably remember the excitement of beginning a new career, the anticipation of a new semester, or the reluctance to step foot into the gym (or maybe that’s just me).

What you likely don’t remember is the card that made it happen. To you, it’s just a wave of a badge. To us, it’s on our minds every day.

But we get it. The nuts and bolts of access control printer technology isn’t for everyone. Thankfully, we’re not releasing new technology; we’re releasing stuff that works — so you can get back to the truly memorable moments in life.

That’s why we’re excited to announce improvements to an already industry-leading technology: Entrust® Instant ID 7.8 Suite Software. Instant ID runs at the speed of life with expanded security, database support, and printer functionality.

Specifically, Instant ID 7.8 includes:

  • Administrator-defined printer access — to improve the security of your operations
  • Improved smart card printing throughput — to issue cards more quickly
  • MySQL database support — to provide increased flexibility of operations
  • Printer functionality improvements like:
    • Support for double retransfer film application
    • Improved card design display (with multiple list field values per design)
    • iClass Faculty Access Code (FAC) and Card Number (CN) read capability

These improvements eliminate manual processes, increase the flexibility of our solution, and save you time. Because the last thing your employees, students, or members should worry about is their ID card — it just works.