The rise of digital business has transformed the way we work. One notable change is how we use our smartphones and mobile devices. We’re able to do more on our mobile devices than ever before, eliminating the dependence on desktops and laptops. In both our personal and professional lives, our mobile devices keep us connected, everywhere we go. More employees are working remotely, and personal and company-issued mobile devices are coexisting. All of this means IT departments have to manage an increasingly complex corporate infrastructures.

The amount of information and access we carry around with us on our mobile devices is incredible. Think about the amount of times you or someone you know has misplaced their phone or had it stolen. IT departments need to leverage secure, transparent, and simple ways of identifying corporate assets and users to ensure trusted access to the corporate network, hybrid and cloud network solutions from mobile devices.

To manage these mobile platforms, organizations are using Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, but best practices also require strong security credentials. The industry-leading best solution for strong credentials is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Keys and certificates issued by a PKI offer the highest levels of security and identity assurance.

Entrust Datacard PKI solutions provide digital certificates to security-conscious organizations. These certificates are the foundation of identity-based access and security measures. A few of the benefits of integrating our PKI with your MDM include:

  • Strong user and device identities
  • Reduced reliance on mobile usernames and passwords
  • Managing digital identities and devices in BYOD environments
  • Secure mobile devices communicating with customer or enterprise environments
  • An option for use of secure encrypted (SMIME) email
  • Automatic issuance and rollover of certificates without any admin or end user steps

Without digital certificates, the communications to authenticate a user and validate a device wouldn’t be secure and pose great risk to an organization.

Beyond managing the mobile devices in your organization, it’s about securing those devices using digital certificates. Through partnerships with leading MDM vendors, Entrust Datacard has made it easy for organizations to deploy and leverage strong identities for mobile devices.

Check our solution brief for more information on the benefits and importance of an MDM integration, and what vendors we work with.