Entrust Datacard announces the successful transition from Method 1 domain name validation to comply with Baseline Requirement – Ballot 218 established by the CA Browser Forum.

By August 1, 2018, certification authorities (CAs) had to discontinue using a common verification method in the CA industry known as Method 1.

We wanted to wait a few weeks before we announced the results of this transition to make sure there was no customer impact. Today, we’re announcing that we have successfully made the transition from using Method 1 by the August 1st deadline. This required collaboration between Entrust Datacard and our customers who worked closely to finish the job on time.

How did we do this? Entrust Datacard was confident we could get the job done by working in lock-step with our customers throughout the transition process. Entrust Datacard contacted every customer impacted by the Method 1 transition and walked them through the remaining domain verification options. This transition has been greatly eased through Entrust Datacard’s continued investments in our domain verification system that has enabled us to offer several automated and self-service domain verification options.

Entrust Datacard has always worked hard to earn our customers’ trust. We will continue to do whatever it takes to make sure our customers have all the resources they need when they need them. This effort was another opportunity for us to work closely with our valued customers and prove our commitment to them.

Thank you to our customers and to the Entrust Datacard employees who were part of this successful transition.