The EMV Migration Forum, an independent, cross-industry group, recently released a white paper titled “Implementing EMV in the US: Best Practices in Support of EMV Instant Issuance.” This white paper was created with numerous contributors from the payments and financial industries in order to share the best practices for EMV instant issuance.

As banks and credit unions continue to transition to new models of card issuance, the financial industry has developed solutions to personalize these cards in-branch. With the global adoption of EMV chip technology, chip cards are significantly more expensive, and the personalization of chip cards has become more complex. In enabling an instant issuance program with EMV capabilities, there are certain benefits that financial institutions can see to help them optimize card programs — but there are considerations that must be made due to the increased complexity of chip card personalization.

This white paper summarizes industry-recommended best practices when transitioning a financial institution’s instant issuance solution to an EMV chip instant issuance program. Key risks and suggested risk mitigation steps are also outlined, and the primary stakeholders and key considerations of the project are noted and expanded upon.

For a free download of this white paper, click.

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