There are some things that all offices need, regardless of the kind of business they’re involved in.

For instance, every company needs to keep track of its accounting. And all organizations require some way of overseeing employee compensation. These are not sector-specific tools — they are universal enterprise requirements. And considering the cyber atmosphere we are living in, you can add another thing to that list: strong cybersecurity.

A necessity, not an option

It is strongly misguided to classify enterprise security as optional. Yet many businesses do it, channeling time and money that should go into network security into flashier things like, say, those 30 seconds of ad time for the new company TV spot. Don’t get us wrong, things like product advertising deserve a substantial budget — but so too does enterprise security. It is not an either/or situation.

At the end of the day, cybersecurity needs a place at the business table. It should not be sidelined or delegated solely to IT — it should be something that employees know about, that the company consistently works to refine and that is always a priority. Here are some key things that all businesses can do to give network security the place at the table it deserves:

  • Bring on talent: One of the best ways for businesses to focus on cybersecurity is to bring on people who are entirely devoted to it. The introduction of cybersecurity experts into workplaces is something that will become commonplace in the near future. But as The Hill pointed out, the demand for such supply is quickly outstripping the supply.
  • Educate your employees: Maybe you can’t hire that newly-minted, highly sought-after cybersecurity expert. But you can do the next best thing: Teach your staffers the fundamentals of secure computing. From letting employees know about the importance of two-factor authentication to just ensuring that cybersecurity is afforded time at company meetings, it is vital to keep network security as relevant as possible.
  • Invest in proactive solutions: People can’t do all the work. For enterprise security to truly be robust, you need to have the tools that enable it, such as mobile device management and encryption software.

By following these tips, your business can take a key step toward giving cybersecurity its rightful place in the enterprise — and in doing so, defending your company.

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