As a card issuer, you know that mobile commerce is inevitable. You need to develop a wallet strategy now, but you’re faced with difficult decisions from the beginning. Should you invest in costly application development or leverage an existing  application that confines you to a sub-optimal and limited set of features?  This decision will provide the foundation of your mobile wallet program. Luckily, these are no longer your only options.

Your third option is to choose a partner who offers not only mobile payment capability, but a complete mobile commerce platform that enables payments, coupons, loyalty, and other value added services. This will help you achieve the best of both worlds: lower cost and greater flexibility. It will also help ensure that your initial wallet offering is exciting to your customers. Payments alone will not drive adoption, so your initial wallet offering, even when launched on a small scale, should include a full range of functionality.

With access to ‘libraries’ that let you add new functionality as you need it, you can adapt quickly and easily to shifting demands as mobile commerce progresses. You can also give your customers choices, and let them tailor their wallets to their specific needs. When you consider how personal the wallet really is, you can easily understand how important customization will be to your customers.

But customization doesn’t end there. Your mobile wallet offering should reflect your brand, right? After all, it will be something your customers interact with on a daily basis. If you had the ability to white label a mobile commerce platform with outstanding flexibility and functionality, what could that do for your organization and its customers?  By providing greater customer choice and more utility, you could bolster adoption among new and existing consumers, and reduce your risk of losing them to emerging mobile wallet providers.

Think for a moment: If could customize a mobile wallet application to fit your needs and your brand, without having to build the technology from the ground up, would you?

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