Online certificate management helps save you time and improves the experience you have with an SSL vendor, but can be complex and is only offered by many CA vendors to customers with larger quantities of certificates to manage.

To help ease customers into the full-featured Entrust Certificate Management Service, Entrust will offer a new “lite” version of the service, available for all customers who purchase SSL certificates online starting December 2013. To date, CMS was only available for customers working directly with an Entrust sales representative.

This cloud-based portal offers our online-buy customers many self-service lifecycle management features, including:


  • Track order status
  • Reissue certificates
  • Change common name or organization information in certificate
  • Re-key certificates
  • Add, delete or edit values from SAN fields
  • Request a revocation
  • Renew SSL certificates
  • Get receipts for purchases
  • Manage multiple certificates


  • Self-service options provide faster, easier support for common problems
  • No need to contact Entrust support team
  • Faster renewals
  • No more remembering passphrases
  • Manage multiple certificates via single dashboard

When can you use it? Once the “lite” CMS offering is launched in December, it will be immediately available to any customer renewing a certificate or purchasing a new certificate online via

To begin using the new service, online customers will be required to create an account as part of the enrollment process. This will include the creation of a username and password as a first factor of authentication to the site, and then will be sent additional information on how to register for necessary second-factor authentication credentials.