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MX2100 Central Card Issuance System

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Support for your Datacard® MX2000™ Card Issuance System.

Developer Tools

Datacard Maxsys/MX/PB6500, controller version 5.3 or later, Smartware coupler/key reader components. (544314-001 Rev. A)

Components required for Maxsys/MX/PB6500 controller software release 5.3 or later. The versions are SCIPSII v6.26, Card Object v2r12b, and MLOS v2r23h.

7.4 MB .ZIP

Datacard Maxsys/MX/PB6500, controller version 5.2 or earlier, Smartware coupler/key reader components. (544353-001 rev. A)

The components to configure a Smartware coupler or key reader to function with Maxsys/MX/PB6500 controller software versions 5.2 or earlier. The versions are Safe System v2r21p, MLOS v2r22f, Card Object v2r10e and Command Handler v4r1061.

Important Note: If you are downgrading a coupler or key reader that has been configured for Maxsys/MX/PB6500 Controller versions 5.3 or later use the instructions in the readme.txt file that is included with the download, otherwise use the Smartware Coupler Update Guide (539215-002).

5.8 MB .ZIP