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Entrust Password Decrypt is a desktop utility designed to open files encrypted with a password, provided to you by an Entrust Entelligence™ user, increasing the level of file security used — simply and easily.

This Entrust utility is quick and easy to download and install. Once the utility is installed, simply double-click on the protected file, enter the password provided to you via some other means, and the file will be accessible. There is no requirement for any other security software to be installed on your desktop.

Before you proceed with your download, please note the following:

This new Password Decrypt capability can decrypt both the legacy .enp files (from Entrust Entelligence Desktop Solutions) AND the new Password Encrypted .pp7m files(from Entrust Entelligence Security Provider 9.1 or later).

Password Decrypt 9.3 is available as a 32 bit application on Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10

You will be required to read and acknowledge the evaluation and commercial software license agreements prior to download. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Because of international regulations regarding the export of cryptographic software, Entrust Password Unprotect MAY NOT be downloaded to certain countries.

In France and Russia, regulations regarding the import of cryptographic software stipulate that Entrust Password Decrypt Utility may not be downloaded to these countries without appropriate permits.