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X.509 PKI Certificates Drive Enterprise Security

Since the introduction of the x509 standard for public key infrastructure (PKI) in 1988, x509 PKI and digital certificates have become a critical part of security for enterprises, governments and consumers the world over.

When selecting an x509 solution, organizations must consider not only the robustness of the technology and the reputation of the provider, but also the affordability of the solution and the cost-savings it can provide. For organizations seeking a market-leading x509 product, Entrust delivers on all counts.

Entrust Authority delivers leading x509 PKI technology

Entrust is a trusted advisor on layered security to enterprises, consumers and governments in 60 countries. Entrust’s first x509 public key infrastructure solution was released in 1994. Now in its seventh edition, the Entrust Authority suite of products is the most relied upon x509 PKI solution in the industry.

Entrust Authority enables organizations to deploy encryption, authentication and digital signature technology based on the x509 standard throughout the company. This innovative product portfolio is modular and fully integrated, allowing organizations to transparently and consistently apply x509 PKI across a broad range of applications and platforms. And Entrust Authority makes a series of toolkits available to developers to help apply best-in-class x509 PKI security to custom applications.

Create a customized x509 PKI solution with Entrust Authority components

Entrust Authority includes a variety of optional components that can help tailor PKI security to the specific needs of the organization. All components are integrated with Entrust Authority Security Manager, the certification authority (CA) at the heart of Entrust Authority that issues and manages users’ digital identities.

  • Entrust Authority Administration Services. By enforcing all administrative transactions to be digitally signed, this component enables delegated and distributed administration of x509 PKI with end-to-end security.
  • Entrust Authority Auto-Enrollment Server. This server allows organizations to automatically enroll users and computers with x509 PKI for managed certificates when using a Windows® program.
  • Entrust Authority Security Manager Proxy. This proxy enables communication with a PKI CA over the Internet, without the necessity of having to make changes to the existing settings for the firewall.
  • Entrust Authority Roaming Server. This server allows users in any location to log in and access secure data without needing to carry or present the digital IDs.
  • Entrust Authority Enrollment Server for the Web. This server issues a PKI certificate to devices and applications.
  • Entrust Authority Enrollment Server for VPN. This server issues an SSL certificate to remote access clients, routers and VPN gateways.

Entrust also provides software for certification authorities, solutions for passport PKI, technology for PCI security, products for secure https and more.