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Consider ID Card Needs

The first step is to consider what you want your organization’s ID cards to accomplish. Some factors include:

  • Distinguish employee and visitor roles
  • Facilitate access to spaces and services
  • Security features

Create Your ID Card Design

There are a variety of best practices to consider when you build artwork for your organization’s ID card. It’s important to get the complete picture of how the ID card will be used/ensure a function-first design. When it comes to ID cards, security and accessibility matter more than high-end design.

As you build your ID card artwork, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much contrast do you have in your color palettes? What size is my font? How many characters will be in people’s names? Lines of type? Many organizations are encouraging colleagues to showcase their pronouns as a sign of inclusivity. The bottom line: Imagine that you are color blind or have other visual impairments, does your design still stand out?
  2. Does my ID card have a contact chip? If so, your artwork will need to accommodate for clear space around the chip.
  3. How will colleagues wear the ID badge? Will there be a punch at the top for a badge reel? Or will it fit within a plastic sleeve? Ensure the integrity of your ID card artwork remains when it comes time to put it to use.
  4. What will the headshots look like? Facial capture is perhaps the most critical part of your ID card design. Put parameters in place for lighting, cameras and backdrops so that every photo follows similar standards.

Develop an ID Card Template

An effectively designed custom ID card template streamlines the process of creating new and replacement ID cards for employees and visitors. Key elements include:

  • Photo
  • Name
  • ID numbers or barcodes
  • Security features such as holograms and laminates
  • Organization branding

You should also consider accessibility needs; high contrast and large type Once your custom ID card template is designed, it’s simple to create employee ID badges that meet your organization’s needs.

Consider ID Card Printing Needs

Custom ID badge printing solutions from Entrust bring technology from the financial card industry to your front desk. Learn more.

Instant ID Card as a Service

With Entrust Instant ID Card as a Service, you can bring security, adaptability and transformation to the cloud. Create physical and mobile credentials quickly from one secure platform. Drag-and-drop designs mean that you don’t need advanced knowledge to create credentials.