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Why Do School IDs Matter?

Properly designed ID cards not only improve security, but also the student experience. That’s because a properly designed ID card doesn’t just confirm identity; it also improves the student experience. With Entrust, one card can provide access to spaces, student services and more.

For younger students, a school ID card is often their first identifying document that they’ll use on a daily basis. Improve that experience with streamlined ID card issuance, attractive ID card designs, mobile credentials, and other features that Gen Z students demand.

Key Elements of School ID Cards

While school ID card design can be as unique as the college or university that’s issuing it, best practice is to include several common features:

  • Name: Include full names for identity verification, but include the option of highlighting the name that students, faculty and staff wish to be called, i.e., a nickname or honorific.
  • Photo: A clear photo on a plain background is an essential part of a school ID card.
  • Role identification (i.e., student, faculty, staff): Make it easy to quickly identify who is responsible for what by incorporating role identification into school ID cards. Use a mix of color, pattern and text to comply with ADA standards.
  • School branding identity: Add imagery and logos to further enhance your school’s brand identity via school ID cards.
  • Security features: incorporate holograms and security strips to protect against ID card fraud.

How School ID Cards Improve the Student Experience

ID cards are the most tangible connection between the student population and your school. Leverage that connective thread to improve the student experience across four key areas:

  • Identity: Provide a unique and trusted identity for each student, faculty and staff member across your entire campus.
  • Safety: Maximize safety for everyone on your campus while also protecting student privacy.
  • Security: Protect access control to your school facilities controlled via school ID cards while also protecting student account information stored within school ID cards.
  • Efficiency: Streamline processes across your entire school with a one-card solution.

Benefits of One-Card Solutions for School Administrators

A one-card solution for school ID cards doesn’t just improve the student experience; it can also streamline and simplify ID card issuance and management for school administrators.

  • Technology migration: Easily migrate from magnetic stripes to radio frequency (RF) and smart cards as technology evolves, without having to reissue school ID cards on a wholesale basis.
  • Branding: School IDs are a tangible connection to your school for the student body. Strengthen this connecting through attractive school ID card design and imagery that reinforces your school’s brand identity.
  • Scalability: Easily scale up your school ID card program to meet the needs of growing student populations and increasing staff turnover.
  • Improve orientation experience: End the days of long lines waiting for school ID cards for new students, faculty and staff. Speed up the process with an integrated identity management system.

Simplifying School ID Card Issuance

Increase the efficiency and productivity of your access control solution with intuitive and innovative software from Entrust. Control your fleet of printers, design beautiful credentials, and manage user access and permissions with ease. Some steps to streamline ID card issuance include:

  • Multiple card printers: Offer card printing services in multiple locations that are easily accessible for students, faculty and staff.
  • Capture photos anywhere: Incorporate self-service ID card issuance stations around your school campus, or consider allowing users to upload photos taken from personal mobile devices.
  • Finish the process when it’s convenient: By eliminating in-person waiting, schools can create batches of print jobs and print them on high-quality retransfer printers.