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At Center Stage—the Credit Card Printer

Credit cards are made by specialized machines, aka credit card printing machines. Credit cards can be produced en masse with longer mail delivery times to consumers or printed right at a financial institution’s branch location, known as instant issuance. Being able to print a card and instantly provide it to the consumer in minutes can help a financial institution become a better, stronger, more sought-after brand. Learn more about financial card issuance systems from Entrust.

Key Credit Card Considerations

The first thing to do is determine what type of card you want to produce—a debit, credit, or business card. The next consideration is what design elements you want to incorporate onto the card. Do you want preprinted card designs with the name and account number embossed? Or, do you want to use gallery images or personal photos with a flat printed name and account number? Card materials also come into play—do you want a traditional horizontal credit card made from PVC material or a sleek horizontal card made of metal? Do you want to add smart-card features for enhanced security?

Next, you need to think about how you want to deploy credit card issuance—from the cloud or on-premises. The cloud is becoming an increasingly popular way for financial institutions and others to issue credit cards.

The Rise of Digital Payments

Offering a digital-first payment and banking experience enables financial institutions to instantly provide digital payment credentials directly from the bank or credit union’s mobile application to a cardholder’s mobile wallet.

Entrust makes it easy to create seamless digital payment experiences for cardholders. Learn more about our digital card solutions.

Future Trends for Credit Cards

Flat credit card designs, or unembossed cards, have gained popularity in recent years. Not only is their sleek design appealing to consumers, but also they can be printed on demand for instant issuance. One of the newest trends in the card issuance market is metal cards. Offer your customers the flexibility to support traditional plastic cards as well as high-value, elite metal cards in one system.