The Entrust Authority Security Toolkit Training for Developers is a comprehensive four-day course designed to provide developers with knowledge and hands-on experience using the Entrust Authority Security Toolkit for Java. It is designed for seasoned developers to aid them in the ground-up development of Entrust Ready applications.


    Students will learn to use the toolkit to create Java applications, servlets or applets to work with keys and certificates, and to successfully secure files and communications. Topics include the creation of digital credentials, login to digital credentials, PKCS#7 encoding and decoding, XML encryption and signing, and TLS/SSL.

    This course is delivered by qualified Entrust developers who have extensive experience using the toolkit to create custom applications. Students will spend most of this course in labs using the various features of the toolkit in applications.

    Prerequisites: Experience programming in Java in a Microsoft® Windows® environment

    Who should attend: Developers — both for software vendors and corporate IT departments — who will be adding Entrust security services to their own applications.


    Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

    • Understand the setup and use of the Entrust Authority Security Toolkit for Java
    • Use the toolkit to add Entrust security to applications
    • Understand the special requirements of writing secure applications


    The Entrust Authority Security Manager Comprehensive course includes the following lessons:

    Lesson 1 - Introduction

    Lesson 2 - Toolkit for Java overview

    Lesson 3 - Digital credentials

    Lesson 4 - Credential creation

    Lesson 5 - Credential login

    Lesson 6 - Cryptographic concepts

    Lesson 7 - Toolkit encryption and digital signature overview

    Lesson 8 - Entrust archive format

    Lesson 9 - PKCS#7

    Lesson 10 - S/MIME

    Lesson 11 - XML encryption and digital signature

    Lesson 12 - SSL/TLS

    Lesson 13 - Tips for writing secure applications


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