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XML Key Management Specification

Developing standards for network security solutions

The XKMS (XML Key Management Specification) provides a standard XML-based messaging protocol by which application developers can outsource the processing of key management to dedicated services.

XKMS provides syntax by which applications can request the registration, revocation, revocation, and validation of public/private key pairs — these used in the cryptographic algorithms that enable encryption and digital signing.

Why is it needed?
XKMS will provide an alternative interface by which application developers will be able to manage the cryptographic keys necessary for securing Web Services. The fact that XKMS uses XML, as will the business Web Services themselves, will allow implementers to use some of the same technologies and infrastructure to achieve their key management.

The XKMS Specification is currently a Draft Recommendation under the W3C XML Key Management Work Group.

Entrust Involvement
Entrust is active in the W3C XML Key Management Work Group standardizing XKMS. Entrust has developed and made available an XKMS Service Reference Implementation with which developers (and non-developers) can experiment to familiarize themselves with XKMS concepts and XML syntax. Entrust is committed to delivering the particular requirements of the manufacturing scenario, e.g. batch registration requests, be reflected in future versions of XKMS and is working within the W3C XML Key Management Work Group to make this happen.

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