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Enable functions through simple web service interfaces

The nShield Web Services Option Pack (WSOP) provides a REST-like API between applications requiring cryptographic key and data protection services and FIPS-certified nShield HSMs. nShield HSMs perform a variety of cryptographic functions like encryption, signing, random number generation, and key generation.

Tech Specs

nShield compatibility

  • The WSOP is compatible with all models of nShield Solo and Connect HSMs
  • Must be installed onto a host running a supported version of the Linux OS, Windows Server, or Windows OS and have the nShield Security World software installed.
  • Supports Operator Card Set & Softcard protected keys
  • Compatible with the nShield Container Option Pack, allowing WSOP instantiations to be containerized.

API compatilibity

nShield HSMs can support applications using the Web Services API in conjunction with applications using other supported APIs (PKCS#11, Java, CNG, etc.).

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