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Accurate and integral

Digital time stamping is integral to an organization’s ability to verify data and code integrity, generate audit trails and enforce non-repudiation for electronic signatures. Entrust delivers a secure, high-assurance time-stamping solution that is protected by the nShield Solo+ HSMs. The time stamping solution automates records processing and supports a diverse array of applications.

Tech Specs

We deliver time-stamping capabilities through the Time Stamping Option Pack, an optional accessory used with the nShield Solo+ HSMs. The Time Stamping Option Pack works inside the secure boundaries of the nShield HSM to generate time stamps originating from a centralized time source and makes these time stamps available to customer applications through APIs.

Time Stamping API

We offer an API and software that enable developers to build applications that request time stamps from a server equipped with an nShield Solo+ HSM and the Time Stamping Option Pack.

Centralized Time Source

Depending on customer requirements, the Time Stamping Option Pack can generate time stamps based on a centralized time source or on the UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) standard.


The Time Stamping Option Pack is compatible with Microsoft Windows servers.

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