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Hardware Security Modules

Efficient Solutions for Remote nShield HSMs

In today's environment of distributed IT solutions, hardware security modules (HSMs) – which safeguard a company's encryption keys – are often housed in remote data centers, making HSM management challenging and making it costly to access information about this mission-critical security hardware.

Entrust offers nShield HSMs management and monitoring tools that help you optimize your resources while improving uptime – saving you time and money.

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nShield Management and Monitoring Benefits

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Entrust’s nShield HSM management and monitoring tools save money and reduce staff travel time by eliminating visits to data centers to manage and collect data from your HSMs.

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HSM management tools give you instantaneous visibility and 24x7 access to your hardware security modules (HSMs) give you the information you need to act immediately on warnings and alerts.

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Plan HSM loading and capacity, maintenance, upgrades and more using historical trend data.

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nShield Remote Administration

nShield HSMs often run in physically secure, lights-out data centers in locations far from the people who manage them. nShield Remote Administration lets you manage your HSMs – including adding applications, upgrading firmware, and checking status – wherever and whenever you choose. This means less travel to data centers, helping you cut costs and optimize your resources.

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nShield Remote Administration Benefits

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Cost Reduction

Eliminate visits to data centers for HSM management, saving time, money, and staff downtime.

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Greater Flexibility

Administer your distantly located nShield HSMs from wherever you choose, 24/7.

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More Control

The remote presentation of nShield smart cards lets you upgrade firmware, check HSM status, run utilities, and more.

nShield Remote Administration

Tech Specs

Compatibility and Prerequisites

  • nShield PCIe and network attached HSMs
  • Security World Software v12.80 minimum and 12.50.11 firmware
  • Remote Administration Client software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X
  • Customer-supplied LAN or VPN and remote access solution.

Remote Administration Kits

Remote Administration Kits contain the elements that enable Remote Administration on nShield HSMs. The kits contain one or more Trusted Verification Devices (TVDs) (secure USB-connected smart card readers), and Remote Administration Client software and a license. Kits are sized and priced by tiers based on the number of HSMs in the estate. Compatible Remote Administration Smart cards are available separately.

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Square deploys Entrust nShield HSMs to fight cyber attackers on its own terms

Square uses Entrust nShield HSMs to maintain data integrity and security, meeting stringent regulatory requirements while delivering the performance they need.

nShield Monitor

nShield Monitor is a comprehensive HSM monitoring platform that enables operations teams to gain 24/7 visibility into the status of all their nShield HSMs, including those residing across distributed data centers. With this solution, security teams can efficiently inspect HSMs and find out immediately if any potential security, configuration or utilization issue may compromise their mission-critical infrastructure.

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nShield Monitor Benefits

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Operation Costs Reduction

Eliminate the costs associated with physically accessing HSMs to retrieve important data.

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Utilization Optimization

Find trends in HSM performance and capacity to assist in optimizing deployment architecture.

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Increased Responsiveness

Equip administrators with the timely, targeted insights they need to proactively take corrective actions.

nShield Monitor

Tech Specs

Central Monitoring Capabilities

nShield Monitor refreshes utilization statistics for all HSMs every minute. The solution generates alerts based on thresholds you define. Choose from email, SNMP, syslog, or web interface as the delivery channel for any alerts. You define specific time periods for in-depth analysis, including last hour, 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or custom intervals. nShield Monitor reports on a range of attributes including:

  • Operational status
  • Physical security and any tamper attempts
  • Alarms and alerts
  • Utilization and capacity
  • Configuration changes with user tracking

HSM Compatibility

  • nShield Edge, Solo, and Connect with Security World Software v11.72 and higher
  • nShield Solo XC and Connect XC with Security World Software v12.40 and higher

Role-based Access Control

nShield supports three distinct user roles to enhance security and establish clear separation of configuration and administration duties. These three roles are:

  • Administrator, manages deployment
  • Group Manager, controls monitoring of HSMs and groups of HSMs
  • Auditor, views data and reports

Virtual Appliance Minimum Specification

  • 2 CPUs with 2 cores each
  • 8 GB RAM
  • Thin provisioned hard drives
  • Compatible with ESXi 5.1 and later (VM Version 9)