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Prewen AG

Founded in 2016, Prewen specializes in a new and highly efficient approach to data protection: data-centric protection. We obfuscate the data of our customers in a way that it can be processed in a protected state. In this way, our customers ensure that their sensitive data is securely protected and that data protection laws are fully met. The "need to know principle" is enforced. The format and logic of the data is retained and the data is only disclosed to authorized persons in plain text. Even if IT employees, service providers or hackers access the data, they can no longer do anything with the data.

This approach works for all types of applications and databases, regardless of where the systems are operated, whether locally, at your service provider or in cloud applications.

With Entrust's HSMs, we ensure that keys are kept highly secure and that unauthorized persons or systems can access the key material.





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