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We bring freedom to everyday life, by protecting people, places and possessions. We control access to any physical location that needs to stay secure – from businesses to government offices, hospitals, airports, schools, industrial sites and public venues.

Our Nedap Security Management offices are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Poland and United Kingdom. And our network of skilled business partners are there for you across the world. This global reach means we can give you the very best commercial and technical support in your local market.

Solution Description

Nedap focuses on the development and supply of Technology for Life: technological solutions that make people more comfortable and successful in their professional lives. Nedap N.V. has a workforce of over 900 employees and operates on a global scale. The company was founded in 1929 and has been listed on Euronext Amsterdam since 1947. Its headquarters are located in Groenlo, the Netherlands.

20+ years ago, Nedap launched AEOS – the leading platform for physical access control in Europe. AEOS is based on open standards and is fully integrated with Instant ID. With this integration, end-users can enjoy the best of physical access control with the best credential issuing solution. The Instant ID Issuance (IIDI) and Nedap/AEOS (AEOS) integration service provides a set of web APIs to facilitate smooth data exchange between IIDI and AEOS. These web APIs allow IIDI to retrieve records from AEOS and save a record, if edited/updated, back to AEOS. This service accepts search/updated data from IIDI and translate/map received data into a form which is acceptable to AEOS and vice versa


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  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • ID Issuance
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