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CR2 is a leader in digital banking and payments. The business powers over 100 banks in 60 countries across the world. BankWorld their core digital banking and payments platform, offers the broadest capabilities in market and uniquely integrates Digital Banking, Card Issuing with ATM, and Switching. In addition, CR2’s Partner Ecosystem combines the confidence of BankWorld with access to easy plug-in, third-party Fintech innovations.

In simple terms, CR2 helps financial service providers to build around consumers with technology that supports both customer experience and an ability to deliver consistently.

Solution Description

BankWorld Digital Banking and Payment Platform
Through the technology alliance partnership, CR2 leverages Entrust tokenization and NFC payment solutions, providing a fully comprehensive digital payments offering. CR2 bank customers can seamlessly access digital tokens with unique numbers to replace sensitive card data for enhanced security. Cardholders will also be able to manage the token lifecycle (view, suspend, resume, or delete tokens). This allows banks to offer a secure and unique digital banking experience.

In addition to enhancing security, Entrust enables CR2 to bring more convenience and self-service capabilities to customers’ card management through the bank app.


Entrust Ready Technology Partner Program



  • Digital Banking Providers
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