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TRITTICO is a company specialized in software solutions and in professional consulting services in the area of electronic payment systems, logical security and e-commerce; founded in the year 2000, thanks to the technical competences acquired following a thirty-year experience and expertise, in project development in banking and financial sector. TRITTICO is an Italian partner of Thales, reseller of HSM devices, and is structured to provide support and maintenance services to customers operating 24/7. Its staff includes major figures, with solid experience in the world of banking and inter-banking information technology projects, and counts among its customers the leading Italian banking and financial subjects. TRITTICO develops products and provides advice to solve multiple needs in the field of electronic payment systems, offering the possibility to realize systems like: centralized and decentralized issuance of credit, debit and fidelity cards, with magnetic stripe and microprocessor technology; generating and printing of secret codes (PINs) and generating security data to issuing cards in an environment with highest security levels; Within the logical security TRITTICO is able to operate in the following areas: security and authentication of data and users through encryption and digital signature; design and development of logical security projects using HSM (Hardware Security Modules) hardware equipment; TRITTICO is able to provide a qualified range of operational solutions for the protection of data and of information flows in communications; dedicated training courses both at operational and management personnel with a need to know the logical security in general or have to design or use secure systems dealing with sensitive data; training courses for staff working with cryptographic HSM equipment and to staff that designs and develops software applications that require a high degree of safety. Company active in the research of innovative solutions and in analyzing the latest advances in information technology, security and payment systems; experienced in designing custom projects in a variety of application fields such as: banks, hotel chains, telecommunications companies, large-scale retail, oil companies, shipping companies, taxi companies, resorts etc. Also structured to provide its customers with consulting services of high quality; specialized in technical, functional and management consulting in the field of banking and financial companies.


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