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ShardSecure desensitizes sensitive data in the cloud through a patented process known as microsharding, which makes data unintelligible and of no value to unauthorized users. Think of it like RAID-5 for data in the cloud that neutralizes cloud storage ransomware, improves data resilience and business continuity, and leaves the data owner in control of their data in hybrid- and multi-cloud environments.

ShardSecure and Entrust partner to protect both unstructured and structured data. The integration leverages Entrust’s nShield HSMs using a PKCS #11 interface. Specifically, the ShardSecure engine encryption keys for the internal distributed cache reside in an Entrust nShield HSM for at-rest encryption on the ShardSecure cluster. This enables all encryption keys leveraged by ShardSecure to be stored in very secure, dedicated hardware. It also ensures that encryption operations like encrypting and decrypting will be protected by the nShield HSM, adding a layer of security for a defense-in-depth approach.

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New York, New York
United States

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  • nFinity Partner Program
  • nFinity HSM
    • Data Protection Solutions
    • Cloud, DevOps, Containers, Microservices

Integration Guide: ShardSecure and Entrust nShield HSMs