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Company Description

KONA I is one of the world’s leading companies for providing security and payment solutions including EMV related solutions. The company has a wide product portfolio for various customer needs, and all products are brand-certified (VISA, MC, AMEX, DISCOVER, etc.). Additionally, KONA I has extensive experience globally, providing customers with cutting edge technology and payment solutions. KONA I is also rapidly adapting to the changing business environment and is providing a wide range of products and services that support the mobile revolution era. The main platform products KONA I has developed are NFC, UICC, TSM and HCE with Tokenization. Through these platform products we provide additional services such as Kona Wallet, Kona N CARD Service, Kona Cert (PKI) and more. KONA I will continue to provide diverse business models and platforms for new value creations in the mobile age.

Jointly Integrated Solutions

Through participation in the EMV – Chip Vendor Technology Program track and in cooperation with Entrust, both companies work closely together to share technical specifications, product roadmaps and EMV expertise needed to develop personalization applications for customers. Customers drive all development work but the program is designed so that the chip vendors and Entrust cooperate in support of EMV chips based on current and technologically advancing issuance needs.

For more information on our integration, please consult the EMV-Chip Vendor Technology Program track description.

Solution Description

Kona International together with Entrust cooperate in sharing EMV technology specifications and the support needed to deliver on customer EMV development and implementation projects.

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Kona International

8F, 30 Eunhaeng-ro
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul
South Korea

Contact Information:
+82 2-2168-7500
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