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Tactile Impression Module - Front and Inside


Front and Inside the TIM.

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TIM Access Door The access door provides access to TIM supply cassette.
TIM Supply Cassette The supply cassette holds the impresser foil.
Adapter Plate The adapter plate allows the TIM to fit against the printer. Note: The adapter plates used for the Sigma DS card printer and the retransfer card printer are slightly different, and may differ from the illustrations in this guide. Any differences in procedures are described, as needed.
Connection Guideposts The guideposts connect the TIM to the printer.
Rear Module Data Connection The electrical connection for the tactile impression module to connect to the printer. Note: Avoid touching or jarring the electrical connection. Damage to the TIM can occur.
Drive Gear The drive gear allows you to move a card out of the impresser if a card jam occurs.