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Replace the Cleaning Sleeve


The cleaning sleeve removes dust and other particles from cards before they move into the printer. Replace the cleaning sleeve each time you change the ink ribbon.

Before You Begin

  • If your printer has locks, unlock the input hopper or printer access door lock. If your printer does not have locks, disregard any instructions that ask you to unlock the printer.
  • When you clean the printer using either the isopropanol or adhesive cleaning card, remove the ink ribbon (C1) and retransfer film (C2) cartridges, and the cleaning sleeve (C3).
  • Some procedures require you to remove only one of the cartridges. Refer to the instructions for complete information.
  1. Remove the ink ribbon (C1) cartridge from the printer.
  2. Lift up the cleaning spindle handle (C3) and pull it straight out from the printer.
  3. Remove the used

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  1. Slide the new cleaning sleeve onto the cleaning spindle.

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  1. Remove the protective wrapper from the cleaning sleeve and discard it.

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  1. Replace the cleaning spindle in the C3 slot in the printer.

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  1. Replace the ink ribbon cartridge in the printer and close and lock the printer access door.