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HSM - No HSM usage


HSM is not being untilled


HSM has reported no usage despite correct configuration.


After you run HSMstate and see that a HSM in your pool is not reporting any usage and it is assigned to the correct HSM server. Do the following to fix this problem.

  1. Click Edit to edit the registration of the affected HSM.

User-added image

  1. Change the unassign all HSM servers by clicking the arrows to bring each server to the left. Save this configuration.

User-added image

  1. Select the affected HSM .
  2. Right click Edit the Registration .
  3. Reassign the HSM server(s) by clicking the arrow buttons and move the each server to the right.
  4. Click Save to keep this configuration

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This method should reinitialize the connection between the HSM and the HSM server(s).