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Laminate Overlay Storage Guidelines


Overlay Storage Guidelines

  • Store laminate overlay material in the original package until you load it in the laminator. Keep the original packaging closed until you are ready to use the overlay.
  • The overlay maintains its quality for about one year. For optimum card quality, purchase and store quantities of material that can be used within one year.
  • Overlay material might require secure storage and tracking. Follow your organization’s policy for storing and tracking the supplies used to make cards.
  • Store the overlay in a location away from direct sunlight, with a temperature between 50° and 80°F (10° and 27°C). A range of 30% to 70% humidity is recommended.
  • Install supply rolls at room temperature. If supplies are stored in an environment that is cooler than the printer environment, allow supplies to reach room temperature before you use them.
  • If the printer will not be used for an extended period, remove supplies from the printer and store them with new supplies.