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Error Code 288 - Sigma Tactile Impression Module


Problem communicating with the Impresser module

Error Message no. 288
Message text Impresser not detected
Severity Error
Recovery Text The printer cannot communicate with the impresser.
  • Power off and restart the printer.
  • If the error occurs again:
  1. Power off and unplug the printer and impresser.
  2. Open the impresser and remove the supply cassette.
  3. Remove the impresser from the printer.
  4. Reconnect the impresser and printer, and reinstall the supply cassette.
  5. Plug in the power cords and restart the printer.
  6. If the error continues to occur, request service.
  7. If the error is resolved, in the Card Printer Driver or Dashboard message, click Retry, or click Cancel to cancel the card.