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Load the Ink Ribbon.

Load Supplies

The first time you use the printer, it must be powered on and off once to cancel Transport Mode and allow supplies to be loaded. Transport mode is used when shipping or moving the printer.

Tips for Success

Follow these tips when handling the ink ribbon and retransfer film:

  • Do not touch the printing surface of the ink ribbon or retransfer film. Oils on hands will reduce printing quality.
  • Place the cartridge on a smooth, level surface when loading or reloading.
  • To prevent damage to the door, do not place the cartridge on the printer door.
  • Keep unused ink ribbon and retransfer film in the original package until ready for use.
  • Do not place ribbon or film on a dusty or dirty surface; dirt can affect print quality.
  • Follow your organization’s guidelines for tracking the supplies used in the printer.

Load the Ink Ribbon

When the ink ribbon runs out, “Ink Ribbon Out” displays on the print unit front panel, and message 165, “Ink ribbon out,” displays on the touch screen. The right column of the touch screen supplies gauge shows white, not orange.

Do the following to load the ink ribbon cartridge.

  1. Unlock the printer and open the security enclosure.
  2. On the print unit, slide the door latch up, and open the print unit door.
  3. Press the ink ribbon cartridge eject button, and remove the orange cartridge.
  4. Remove both used ribbon spools from the cartridge (if present).
  5. Load the new roll of ink ribbon on the cartridge:

User-added image

  1. Put the full spool of ribbon on the orange supply spindle.
  2. Align the ribbon along the three ribbon guides, as shown on the cartridge diagram.
  3. Put the empty take-up spool on the black take-up spindle.
  4. Turn the take-up knob on the underside of the cartridge to remove any slack.
  • Gently pull out the take-up knob so it turns smoothly.
  • If slack cannot be removed, check that the supply and take-up spools are firmly seated on the spindles.
  • To insert the cartridge into the printer, the ribbon must be tight along the ribbon guides. Use the supply and take-up knobs to maintain the proper tension.

User-added image

  1. Insert the loaded ribbon cartridge in the printer until it clicks into position.
  2. Close the print unit door.
  3. On the print unit front panel, press Reset and then Return to initialize the ink ribbon.
  4. Close the security enclosure door to lock the printer.